About Us

Joe Soghomonian lives on the same farm that his parents farmed 70 years ago. He farms 550 acres and has been farming vineyards all of his life. He originally started farming with his father, who was an immigrant from Armenia, and continues today farming with his daughter, Natalie. He has been farming organically since 1981, before it was poplar and for all of the right reasons. He and his wife, Johnni, have been married 40 years and have three daughters, Christa, Natalie and Celeste.
Joe and Johnni developed their label “Three Sisters” after their three daughters. Natalie started farming with her father in 2000, and has learned the business from the ground up. She directs all of the farming operations and manages the Sales of all crops. You will always see the father and daughter in the fields making sure that the farms are being cared for in the best way. They do not over crop their vineyards and pick late for a higher sugar content and fresher product. They know each grape personally! Their employees are dedicated and have been working for the Soghomonians for 10 to 40 years. They too are like family.